Beyond Good and Evil
Bits about Russia
Frederich Nietzsche. 1886.

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In Russia.

There, the power to will has been long stored up and accumulated, there the will — uncertain whether to be negative or affirmative — waits threateningly to be discharged(to borrow their pet phrase from our physicists)

Perhaps not only Indian wars and complications in Asia would be necessary to free Europe from its greatest danger, but also internal subversion, the shattering of the empire into small states, and above all the introduction of parliamentary imbecility, together with the obligation of every one to read his newspaper at breakfast.

I do not say this as one who desires it, in my heart I should rather prefer the contrary — I mean such an increase in the threatening attitude of Russia, that Europe would have to make up its mind to become equally threatening .

- namely, TO ACQUIRE ONE WILL, by means of a new caste to rule over the Continent, a persistent, dreadful will of its own, that can set its aims thousands of years ahead; so that the long spun-out comedy of its petty-statism, and its dynastic as well as its democratic many-willed-ness, might finally be brought to a close.

The time for petty politics is past; the next century will bring the struggle for the dominion of the world — the COMPULSION to great politics.

NB: The next century hosted two World Wars



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