“Engelestan, My Engelestan.”

‘Immigration’ — is not just about numbers — Britain is overcrowded at the best of times. It is not just about race — we all grew up with Indians, blacks, Jewish etc.

What immigration is about and what worries people is the erosion of British culture. Older foreigners themselves see the disappearance of British people & culture with sadness because that is why they originally came here. The multicultural ghetto culture you now see in many towns and cities is hated by everyone. The population density of England is just lower than India and nearly twice that of Germany and 3.5 times that of France. Overcrowding, congestion and pollution are turning a lot of once stable communities into nightmares. People have had enough.

Here are some of the occupations that have been given over to the newcomers. Agriculture and food processing, nursing, care homes, catering and food service, hotel work, cleaning, construction, and personal services such as nail bars and car washes. The settled population has been priced out of these low-skilled jobs. It is always the poorest & most vulnerable in society who suffer from political mantras like ‘freedom of movement’ or ‘labour market flexibility’. White middle-class journalists, politicians, editors, academics etc — these occupations are defended by powerful institutions. They just look on and shrug their shoulders. The economic benefits of mass-immigration have been taken by the ‘haves’ at the expense of the have-nots. This transformation started in 1997.


Since 1997 the UK has been receiving about 1,000 migrants per day or 300,000 per year. The English have sleepwalked into a wilderness. They have become a people without a country. If you let enough people in from the rest of the world they will bring it with them and that is exactly what has happened.

In 1997, it became politically correct to hate white working class english people. They were ‘the problem’. Many people still believe this today. Anyone with a cross of St. George in their window was obviously a vile racist thug. Jack Straw, a former UK Home secretary, is alleged to have said “the English as a race are not worth saving”.

The Labour party tried to eradicate British culture & society by mass immigration. But in the process it has destroyed itself. On the doorstep, brainwashed activists still refuse to accept the №1 concern of working people and those who want to work, which is ‘too much immigration’. Instead they are ordered to turn this around into blaming government cuts, calling people racist etc — anything and everything BUT actually listen to what people are saying.

In fact, the ruling class sold England out long ago & with this went a lot of ‘Englishness’ — especially the working class — remember them ? Not many people do these days.

Now only the elite can afford to live in ‘English’ enclaves, eat ‘English’ food, relocate and send their children to ‘English’ schools & live an ‘English’ life.

The other 90% of the English find themselves in a multicultural kitchen blender which is bewildering to them and also to migrants. They will tell you — “we would never let this happen in Karachi or Warsaw” etc etc. As the multicultural ghettos expand the elite just move further away. Does the prime minister live in a multicultural town? Do education ministers send their children to local state schools? — to ask the question is to answer it.

The scene for mass immigration was set in the late 1970s. At that time the ruling elite had to decide between living with a militant working class or accepting migrant workers who just got on with the job & often voted Labour. This was called multiculturalism.

The process has now run its course with the english now displaced from many towns and cities. London has a muslim Mayor with a Pakistani background. For the English working class their culture has gone. The remaining ‘british’ are mainly the privileged, white journalists & TV people, the welfare people, the elderly & disabled. Everyone else who can get out is moving to other parts of the english speaking world. No civilised person can stand anymore stories about FGM, honour killings or Rotherham-style mass-child rape in the UK. .

Educated people leave the UK. Leaving behind them a nervous and isolated elite, the immigrant-welfare underclass, and the elderly. If you were in any doubt about this a new 4 bed *semi* in a London commuter town was sold in 2016 for £815,000 — that is about 30 times the average wage. UK households now need 2, 3 and 4 incomes to stay afloat. Unless you plan to ‘marry money’ or you are safely set-up on welfare it is just better to opt out. The state will tax and take every penny you & your family will ever earn & give it to those who haven’t done a day’s work in their lives. More and more of the country’s spending is being done by fewer and fewer people.

This is the end of the middle-class work ethic. Established links between work, earnings and mortgages is gone. No matter how hard you work — unless you inherit or marry money you will never get onto the first rung of the property ladder, or by the time you do — you will be too old for a 25 year mortgage. Even the link between mortgages and home ownership is being broken. Many homes in desirable areas are bought for cash nowadays. My hard-working friend was single into his 40s and never earn’t enough to get a deposit together; the bank of mum&dad was closed to him. He waited ten years for his green card & now works in the USA. The hard-working, property-owning lifestyle proposition has disappeared in London & the South east for many occupations. Soaring property prices mean that In London & the SE you are either part of the new financial aristocracy, on benefits, or still living with mum and dad, or homeless.

Where I used to work 15 years ago all the British in a 20 person team were gradually replaced by europeans. It is good for corporations so if you are trying to please the directors you will be popular. Personally I would put social cohesion ahead of making money. But clearly I am being ‘emotional’. The UK economy is brutally efficient at importing cheap labour and laying off the locals. This transformation happened under Labour governments so why left wing journalists complain about it now really escapes me.

Labour market flexibility + an EU workforce of 300million who could work here meant an unlimited supply of cheap labour. The question was not ‘Why haven’t wages gone up?’ but ‘Why haven’t they gone down?’ In the words of John Harris “what’s the best we can now offer for so many people in so many places? Six-week contracts at the local retail park, lives spent pinballing in and out of the benefits system, and retirements built on thin air?” Political parties pay lip service to these realities. As far as the future is concerned — ‘Labour’ and ‘Conservative’ don’t really exist anymore. They are becoming irrelevant to the lives of ordinary people.

The middle earning, middle of the road, career professional has been written, and taxed, out of the political script. It is like living in Africa where the elite just help themselves to everything. And it means for the rest of us; lower wages, a higher population and overloaded infrastructure. If you are not thinking of leaving now — you will be soon.


Brexit is a tale of two countries. One propertied group have the option of selling out to the endless stream of international investors or ‘letting out’ to foreign tenants at high rents — exploiting the endless stream of new people and new capital. This group can’t see any problem at all with the EU — it is a bonanza for them — it has enabled many of them to retire early — even abroad.

The other less wealthy group can’t trade their assets away like this or they don’t want to move away from where they live. This massive ‘sell-out’ and ‘sell-off’ going on around them makes them feel angry and isolated.

Another way to look at this is one group has cheap immigrant labour waiting on them (hotels, hospitals, coffee bars, retail etc etc) whilst the other group has to compete for these poorly paid jobs at the same level. This is ‘labour market flexibility’ Mad Max style. The fact is those who only have their labour to exchange for money have no political representation. When you hear someone tell you we need to “stay in Europe to save the economy” — ask them ‘Whose economy?’. The better off may have much to gain but people at the bottom are hurt by wider and deeper labour markets.

Vote Remain was a rich person’s message — yet the socialist press was in favour of it on ‘economic’ grounds. The Brexit vote wasn’t about europe at all; people are sick of overcrowding, ridiculous house prices and the ‘kettling’ of cheap/slave labour in certain postcode areas. The ruling class have no idea how angry is the population. They speak a very different language and live on another planet.


Since around 1980 the political orthodoxy in Britain has had a moral, cultural, intellectual and financial black hole at its centre.

After decades of playing rich off against poor, old against young, men against women and black against white — the elite are finally being exposed for what they are. A period of change is coming. The old liberals have had their time in the sun. Today young people are looking for answers. Labour market flexibility and uncontrolled immigration have not worked for many of them.

They are struggling & need help. New politics like Trump and UKIP has its presentation problems & it may not endure — but at least it is not coming from the old patrician elite. Instead of importing cheap slave labour, burning them out, then importing some more — the new elite must put local people first — teach them, train them, give them work, provide housing for them and care for them in old age. Anything less is not good enough. All parties need to sign up to this.

Borderless Utopias are in trouble these days — the ‘American’ dream, the borderless ‘Caliphate’ covering the entire middle-east and now the European Union dream. These fantasies are becoming nightmares as more and more people realise ‘the dream’ is only attainable by a tiny ruling elite with everyone else reduced to serfdom, poverty or even slavery. There is a reason why borders exist.


Mature student of literature, politics, philosophy. I’ve edited and published some ‘bitesize’ Nietzsche on medium and am now studying Shelley.

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Mature student of literature, politics, philosophy. I’ve edited and published some ‘bitesize’ Nietzsche on medium and am now studying Shelley.