Government by Fantasy

Daytona Platinum
2 min readMar 25, 2022


There is a void at the centre of Western life. Mr Putin is driving a train through it. We forgot. To care about our own people, to care about our own economy and national security. At the core of today’s liberalism is the spoiled child; miserable, unsatisfied, demanding, ill-disciplined, despotic and useless. A sniveling brat.

The west has lost its collective grasp on reality. The electric car fantasy, the net zero fantasy, the lockdown fantasy, LBGT fantasies. The threat to the west is not Russia. But government by fantasy.

Globalisation and Borderless fantasies are in trouble — the ‘American’ dream, the ‘Caliphate’ and now the European Union dream. These fantasies are becoming nightmares as more people realise ‘the dream’ is only attainable by a tiny technocatic ruling elite with everyone else reduced to poverty or trafficked across borders as cheap labour.

The Western media have a shallow understanding of social problems. More concerned with climate change and stories about prince Andrew or celebrity lifestyles. Where complicated problems are concerned the media talk about a simple “solution”. Hitler had a ‘final solution’, the Chinese have similar ‘solutions’. For example, “Lockdown” was a dangerous crude solution imported from China and peddled by a mindless press and craven parliaments across the west.

From the beginning of the pandemic to May 2021, 174,000 care home residents died in England and Wales spending their last weeks and days; alone and abandoned. Test kits and vaccines were available for most of this period. 2 years after the pandemic, the elderly are still imprisoned in British care homes.

No one is being held account for their human rights violations.

These spoiled children are happily supporting climate change while granny freezes to death because she can’t afford ‘green’ energy. They are proud of locking granny up in a room for months — for her own safety. When she dies of loneliness & neglect — they say it is just “unfortunate”.

“Stand with Ukraine” Really? You couldn’t even stand with your own family, friends and neighbours the past two years. This war has been going since 2014. 14,000 Ukrainians died before the 24th February escalation. A million were already displaced internally. But now we’re all standing with them all of a sudden— we are not getting the whole picture. For example, the Americans have been meddling in Ukrainian politics for years. Why is this ?

A recent tweet said the following “Our 18 year olds leaving school can now decide between £100k student debt over 40 years; or a minimum wage job at £6.83; or join the army & fight wars no one wants for reasons no one gets.” Well, their own useless generation created these options for their 18 year olds. Who else created today’s world for them other than them ?

The asshole generation created this world. No one else.

Todays 18–24 year olds will have to rediscover and reclaim nationalism and make it work for freedom-loving people. The world needs to be ordered and bordered to protect us against chaos, anarchy and mayhem. Personally I like a quiet, boring life without thermobaric bombs being used on civilians in Europe.



Daytona Platinum

Mature student of literature, politics, philosophy. I’ve edited and published some ‘bitesize’ Nietzsche on medium and am now studying Shelley.