The Iron Curtain becomes Iron Dome

Daytona Platinum
2 min readJun 11, 2021

China joined WTO in 2001. At that moment, crony capitalism joined forces with crony communism trapping millions underneath an iron-dome of economic prosperity, or servitude, depending on your situation.

The west outsourced all production to Asia. Do people not understand that this has unavoidable, profound, long-term; social, economic and political consequences? The main one being that people in the capitalist west are going to have to respect and understand the chinese way of doing things whether they like it or not.

Many in the west admire China’s idea of social harmony & stability. Seeing religious people as unhealthy. For example, wishing European muslims were re-educated as they are in East Turkistan. Chinese parents don’t have to sweep up the body parts of their children who are blown up at pop concerts by islamic terrorists, as they were in Manchester. The Chinese government protects its society from such risks.

Another old propaganda chestnut is ‘Organ donation’. China has one of the largest organ transplant programs in the world. Most organs used in transplants are sourced from prisoners. Thousands of Chinese are killed to supply the organ transplant industry on the basis of their political or religious beliefs. If organ harvesting was an olympic sport the Chinese would be going for gold. However, the British don’t want to be left behind. The organs of all British citizens are harvested by the British NHS without their consent. At least the Chinese has the decency to do this only to criminals.

Are there not things we can learn from the Chinese? It is not time we thought much more carefully and honestly before claiming any kind of moral superiority over them?

Wuhan lab had a biomedical accident. Corona virus outbreak is not unlike the Soviet Chernobyl accident in 1986 which exposed millions across Europe to radioactive fallout. The common factor being risky communist safety standards. Suppression of information about the source of the fallout is also a common feature — again due to centralised communist systems.

But the response to COVID is not unlike the Iraq war in 2003. Something which at the time was supported by many so-called ‘educated’ people. But in retrospect proved to be a blunder and a financial calamity. COVID will be similar in collateral damage. More will suffer and die from the hysterical, ludicrous response than from the original virus.

The threat to the west is not China or authoritarian regimes. But a loss of faith and a loss of will in itself from incompetent democratic governments who make stupid blunder after stupid blunder.

And unfortunately that’s where we are now.



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